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The Noventiq team has a team of skilled cloud engineers to provide operations and governance services per the client’s requirements.

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The Noventiq team has a team of skilled cloud engineers to provide operations and governance services per the client’s requirements. Our solution enables customers to comprehensively understand their cloud environment from various perspectives and make well-informed decisions accordingly. We provide clients managed services, skills, resources, and proactive and reactive support.

24x7 Managed Services (NOC) Offering:

The service provides end-to-end coverage for the Cloud Infrastructure Management lifecycle, using the best practices, processes and tools defined by Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework and adhering to the strict standards of ITILv4 and ISO 20000-1.

Keeping track of your growing cloud estate can take time and effort. You must ensure the uptime and availability of applications hosted on the cloud, maintain compliance, and establish the most effective and secure way to deploy and manage your cloud infrastructure.

Noventiq’s 24x7 Azure Managed Service is designed to deliver innovative & scalable cloud solutions for business-critical applications & services hosted in on-premises, private & public cloud infrastructure.

To start the transformation
Noventiq's proactive monitoring & management services are effectively designed to help you to
  • Reduce and eliminate outages in critical infrastructure and applications.
  • Ensure end-to-end cloud operational governance.
  • Improve applications & services and ensure their availability.
  • Reduce & optimize cloud spend.
  • Protect cloud deployments against growing security threats and changing compliance requirements.
Are you seeking a managed service provider ready to handle your cloud estate using industry best practices?
  • Round-the-clock technical support.
  • SLA-Based Responses (<15 minutes).
  • Azure infrastructure, database, app services, security monitoring, notification, and management.
  • Patch management & Backup management.
  • Optimized, transparent, and predictable CAPEX & OPEX. No end-of-month surprises.
  • Fully secure and compliant infrastructure.
Azure Health Check (AHC) Offering:

The service provides insights on how Azure Deployments can optimize cloud spend, improve security posture, and define architecture changes according to industry best practices while making the most out of Azure cloud infrastructure.

Are you a Cloud Practitioner looking for operational governance of your cloud infrastructure? It can be challenging to keep track of your growing cloud estate and to understand the most optimal, secure way to deploy and manage your cloud infrastructure.

Azure Health Check Service aims to provide detailed insights into current Azure deployments and help you optimize your Azure architecture, improve security posture, and identify potential savings in line with the industry’s best practices to maximize your Azure cloud infrastructure investment.

To start the transformation
Azure Health Check
managed services include
  • Azure Infrastructure Architecture Assessment
  • Azure Cost Optimization Assessment
  • Azure Security Assessment
  • Azure License Review
Post completion of the assessment, we will provide with Executive Summary and Detailed Findings Report, including:
Executive Summary
  • High-level summary of the infrastructure evaluated and essential measures to resolve issues.
  • Critical issues and walk-through of areas where problems were flagged.
  • Options for cost optimization.
  • Roadmap planning for the issues identified.
Detailed Findings Report provides all the details regarding analyzed areas of the Azure infrastructure and gives information about
  • Overall summary of the assessment
  • Architectural Review
  • Spend Review
  • Security Analysis
  • Governance Review
Reactive Support Offering:

At Noventiq, we are committed to offering clients Azure Reactive support on the pay-per-incident/Hour model as per their requirements. In this, you can talk to Microsoft Azure Experts; You can contact the experts for any of your queries, such as getting advice, break-fix support for any issues, or any other problem your environment is facing. All you need to do is block the experts’ time via various methods. There are multiple reasons why the pay-per-incident model is essential as we understand the problems of customers.

Pain points that our Azure Reactive Support Offering will be eradicating:

  • Limited Resources: Some organizations may need more help than full-time IT support, making it challenging to address issues quickly and effectively as they arise.
  • Unexpected Incidents: Unexpected incidents or outages can occur at any time, which can cause disruption to business operations and potentially result in lost revenue.
  • Lack of Expertise: Organizations need more knowledge or experience to quickly identify and resolve complex technical issues, leading to prolonged downtime.
  • Need for cost-effective support: Some organizations may need more money to invest in a full-time IT support team, making a pay-per-incident support model more cost-effective.

Azure Reactive Support on a pay-per-incident/Hour model can help organizations overcome these pain points by providing access to support engineers, proactive monitoring, and rapid incident resolution, all while being cost-effective and scalable.

Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment Support (MACC Support) Offering

Noventiq has a laudable team of cloud engineers offering MACC support to clients. It is driven with the help of packages and scripts. Our MACC offer includes landing zone setup and baselining to establish a secure and efficient cloud environment. Automation and governance services enable streamlined workflows and enhanced visibility and control. These services are tailored to customer needs, ensuring compliance and maximum ROI.
Our Azure MACC Support offer includes the following:

SKU Mapping

As an Azure Expert MSP, Noventiq can help customers leverage Policy-Based SKU lock to ensure consistent governance and security.

Policy-Based SKU lock:
In Azure, a governance feature enables administrators to restrict changes to a resource’s pricing tier or SKU, helping to ensure consistency and prevent unauthorized modifications.
By applying an SKU lock to a resource, we can prevent accidental changes to the pricing tier or restrict changes to specific users or groups, providing an additional layer of control.
The lock can be enforced through Azure Policy, enabling you to set up policies that apply SKU locks to resources based on specific conditions, such as resource type or location.
Once an SKU lock is in place, any changes to the pricing tier will be prohibited until the lock is removed, helping to prevent unexpected changes that could impact resource availability or performance.

Access to specific SKUs in Azure:
Noventiq, an Azure Expert MSP, helps customers implement access controls to specific SKUs for secure resource management.
Access to specific SKUs in Azure allows for fine-grained control over resource access, enabling administrators to restrict users or groups to pricing tiers. It helps to prevent unauthorized changes to critical resources or ensure compliance with regulatory requirements or budget constraints. Access to SKUs can be managed through Azure Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), which provides a centralized way to manage access permissions. Azure Policy can also manage access to specific SKUs, enabling administrators to enforce governance policies restricting access to certain pricing tiers.

Azure Landing Zone Setup

It includes the automated landing zone setup, CAF alignment, AWAF alignment, and deployment footprints. It is a standardized and scalable foundation for deploying workloads in Azure. It provides a set of best practices, templates, and tools to enable organizations to set up a secure and well-architected environment in Azure quickly.

Importance of landing zone:

  • Compliance: It provides a framework for implementing compliance controls, helping organizations meet regulatory requirements.
  • Faster time to market: Organizations can deploy new workloads faster by leveraging pre-built templates and best practices.
  • Consistent governance: enables consistent management across multiple subscriptions, ensuring policies are enforced consistently across the organization.
  • Better security: It provides a secure foundation for deploying workloads, enabling organizations to implement security controls at a scale.
  • Cost optimization: It helps organizations optimize their Azure spend by providing tools to monitor and optimize resource usage.
  • Standardization: It enables organizations to standardize their Azure environment, making it easier to manage and scale.

Noventiq, an Azure Expert MSP, can help customers implement and manage effective management and RBAC policies in Azure. Management Policy and RBAC policies in Azure are essential for managing resources and access control. Management Policy provides a way to enforce governance and compliance requirements, while RBAC policies enable administrators to manage user access permissions. Management Policy can be used to automate resource management tasks, such as resource tagging and naming conventions. Noventiq’s Azure Expert MSP capabilities can help customers implement and manage effective Management Policy and RBAC policies in Azure.

Security policies and industry compliance:

  • Industry compliance and security policies are essential for protecting sensitive data in Azure.
  • Noventiq’s Azure Expert MSP capabilities can help customers ensure compliance and security by implementing industry-standard policies in Azure.
  • Azure provides compliance certifications for industry standards, such as HIPAA and PCI DSS.
  • Security policies like access control and network security help protect against threats.

As an Azure Expert MSP, Noventiq can help customers automate resource management tasks using baseline automation rules in Azure. Baseline automation rules in Azure enable the automation of everyday tasks, such as resource tagging and naming conventions. It improves consistency and reduces the risk of errors in resource management. Automation rules can be created using Azure Policy or Azure Automation. Noventiq’s Azure Expert MSP capabilities can help customers implement and manage baseline automation rules in Azure for efficient resource management.

Noventiq’s Azure Expert MSP capabilities can help customers manage deployment repository access in Azure for improved collaboration and efficiency.

Deployment repo access in Azure allows for secure and controlled access to deployment artefacts. It enables collaboration and streamlines deployment workflows. Noventiq’s Azure Expert MSP capabilities can help customers manage deployment repo access in Azure for improved efficiency and security. Access can be granted using Azure DevOps or other tools.


It involves cost management, billing alerts, baseline alerts & monitors, baseline patch & management policies, etc.

Noventiq’s Azure Expert MSP offers baseline alerting and monitoring capabilities for Azure resources to ensure optimal cloud performance and cost management.

Noventiq can configure alerts for

  • various Azure services,
  • enabling proactive monitoring and
  • rapid response to potential issues.

With Noventiq’s expertise, you can establish a performance baseline and identify deviations for improved visibility and control. Utilizing Noventiq’s Azure Expert MSP capabilities for baseline alerts and monitors can optimize your cloud environment and ensure maximum ROI.

Baseline patch & management policies:

Noventiq’s Azure Expert MSP provides baseline patch and management policies to ensure your Azure resources are secure and up to date. Noventiq’s experts can create customized patching policies and schedules tailored to your needs. Automated patching and update management can be configured for various Azure services, reducing manual effort and minimizing downtime. Noventiq’s Azure Expert MSP capabilities for baseline patch and management policies can help ensure compliance, reduce vulnerabilities, and maintain a secure and optimized cloud environment.

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