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Professional assessment of the cloud environment state

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Noventiq Azure environment health check service helps you to find out what is important in your cloud infrastructure and what is redundant, what works well and what needs attention. It provides insight into the costs, usage, performance, security, and compliance of your Azure infrastructure.

This service is available as one-time expert consulting or as a Service Diagnostic Policy. In the latter case, we will perform regular diagnostics of your cloud environment during the term of your Azure contract, and you will receive independent assessment, monitor progress and optimize service usage.

Submit your application and get a professional report on how to improve your Azure environment in 4 weeks!

Why do you need
Azure Health Checkup
Cost and performance assessment

Can I reduce the cost of the Azure cloud without losing the service quality?

Is the performance of your infrastructure optimal?

Are you able to control who spends money in Azure in your organization and how they do it?

Safety and compliance assessment

Does your approach to security meet the requirements of cloud services?

Do you meet industry security standards in your Azure infrastructure?

Do you use Azure capacity to reduce compliance risks? compliance-рисков?

Recommendations on architecture

Does the design of your Azure infrastructure provide security, scalability, recovery, and efficiency?

What are the best architectural practices available for use in your Azure environment?

Evaluation of licensing optimization

Do you use the best licensing channel for the Azure cloud platform?

Do you know about the available cost-saving methods in Azure?

Do you use tools to effectively allocate costs in Azure for your organization?

How do I get Azure
Health Checked от Noventiq?

You accept the Azure Health Checkup offer from Noventiq


The Noventiq Cloud Management platform connects to your Azure environment


The Noventiq Cloud Management platform collects and transmits information about the state of your Azure environment to our specialists


Noventiq specialists analyze the information received (you may have them coordinate this process with you)


You get a most comprehensive report on what can be improved in your Azure environment

After 4 weeks, you will receive a professional report on how to improve the working capacity of your Azure environment.

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