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with Azure Cloud Solutions & Noventiq Expertise

A range of services to improve the efficiency of IT infrastructure, reduce the cost of its maintenance and servicing based on modern cloud technologies

What do
we offer?

Our expert team helps transform your business with advanced cloud technologies. We offer our customers a comprehensive approach to working with cloud technologies:

Cloud Strategy and
Planning Practice

Noventiq has a team of commendable cloud engineers who help provide solutions by devising a plan using different tools. We help clients zero in on the best cloud solution that can eventually take their business to new heights.

Enablement and
Innovation Practice

Noventiq Team diligently performs project delivery, cloud operations, cloud consultation, research & development activities.
Our value propositions include capacity and scaling, technical capability, expertise across complex solutions, and excellence across large engagements.

Operations and
Governance Practice

The Noventiq team has a team of skilled cloud engineers to provide operations and governance services per the client’s requirements. Our solution enables customers to comprehensively understand their cloud environment from various perspectives and make well-informed decisions accordingly.

For whom
and why?

Our offer is suitable for large and medium-sized businesses striving for innovation. We work successfully both with companies already subscribed to MS Azure and with those that have not used the cloud yet.

Digital transformation
using cloud technologies
allows you to
Reduce the cost of supporting your existing IT infrastructure
You can not only convert CAPEX into OPEX, but also reduce the latter.
Improve the security, flexibility and resilience of your IT infrastructure.
Cloud architecture is generally superior to local architecture in terms of business continuity, data protection, and regulatory compliance.
Increase the speed and efficiency of business processes supported with your IT infrastructure.
Thanks to the cloud, complex technologies (analytics, big data, IoT) become less expensive and can be deployed in less time.
Solve licensing issues.
The platform and applications are always updated to the latest version. Thus, you can forget about problems arising from the removal of software from support or extension of contracts.
Just take
care of your
and we'll do the rest.
  • If you are thinking about migrating to the cloud, we will help you assess the economic effect, calculate the costs and risk, and make the right decision.
  • If you decide to migrate to the cloud, we will help with migration, provide resources and do the work on a turnkey basis, or we can also reinforce your team.
  • If you are already using Azure, we can help you manage your infrastructure to save your money and time.
To start the transformation
Why should you choose Noventiq?

Noventiq is one of the few international companies that have passed Microsoft certification and received the status of Azure Expert MSP, with the right to provide managed cloud services in all regions of its presence: Latin America, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, India, Southeastern Asia:

  • Knowledge
    A global team of Microsoft certified professionals.
  • Experience
    We are trusted by customers all over the world
  • Processes
    Modern automated customer service and support platform.
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